Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Norwex vs E-cloths

My E-cloths arrived yesterday! I ordered the basic cloth that is similar to the Norwex envirocloth. The E-cloth I bought was regularly $12 but on sale for $10. The smaller sized E-cloths were $10. The one I bought was the same size as the Norwex envirocloth. I think the Norwex envirocloth feels a little thicker.

I also bought the E-cloth glass cloth $10 & it feels quite different than the Norwex Window Cloth. The main difference is the Norwex Window Cloth has that grabbing feel. Good quality microfiber grabs things like hangnails & dry skin. But only when the cloth is dry.

*The next day*

I read about a Microfiber glass cloth made by Hero that had really good reviews. So I bought some at Canadian Tire. They look & feel just like the Norwex Window cloth (has that grabbing feel also) & polishes just as well. The Hero cloth is much smaller in size but only cost $3 for 2!!!
*update April 2013* The Hero cloth's effectiveness didn't seem to last very long. The Norwex & Ecloth glass cloths are still cleaning well after a couple years & since they are so much bigger, you can use it for the whole bathroom & more. I'm actually buying the ecloth glass cloth because when on sale I can get 4 ecloths for the price of one Norwex.

This photos shows the lines I made on the mirror with

vaseline, crayon, lip balm, perma marker, makeup

these are the products I smeared on the mirror

I tested with four items: paper towels, E-cloth $10, Scotch Brite microfiber cloth $5, & Norwex envirocloth $16. I scrubbed in a downwards motion with all towels until the crayon was cleaned off. The paper towel was the least effective but all the mirco fiber cloths did a decent job on everything but the perma marker.

I decided scrubbing endlessly with all cloths wasn't a good comparison test. I tested again with just 4 downward wipes each. Starting from the top...I wiped the mirror downwards 4 times.

The following video shows the results of wiping 4 times with the Norwex, Scotch Brite, & E-cloth. I didn't bother with the paper towels.


I thought all 3 micro fiber cloths cleaned well but the Norwex was slightly superior & didn't leave as much water behind. I also noted that the water left by the Norwex cloth dried 2-3 times faster than the other cloths.

I just ran upstairs & tested the Norwex Kitchen Cloth (3 for $19) & they work just as well as the Norwex Envirocloth $16 & they are antibacterial also. Everyone should buy that set. Imagine $6.33 for one cloth!

My final Norwex vs E-cloth conclusion....
1. Norwex cloths are better quality & works slightly better than E-cloth. I would buy Norwex antibacterial cloths over the others.
2. The Norwex Kitchen Cloth Set (3 for $19) is the best bargain.
3. The Hero Microfiber Glass cloth I bought at Canadian Tire is the best deal. All 3 glass cloths (Norwex, E-Cloth & Hero) work well but I would buy the Hero brand because of the price. (*update Nov 2013* The Hero Cloth's cleaning ability did not last as long as the other two...leaves streaks)

Final word....
If money is no object & you are going to a Norwex party, I would recommend buying the following: Envirocloth , Kitchen Cloth Set, Window/polishing Cloth, Cleaning Paste, & Spirisponge. The latter 2 worked great on my glass top stove. I also love my dusting mitt & dish cloth but they aren't essential.

Final Final Word...
Everyone should be using the Norwex products (or equivalent product) because they eliminate the need to use harsh chemicals. I won't need to buy any more of the following: Windex, Comet, SOS pads, Mr Clean, glass cleaner in that spray can that I can't remember the name of, VIM, antibacterial towellettes, the 2 sided Scotch Brite sponges & probably more that I can't think of right now. I will definitely buy less paper towels & toilet paper too. (I mention toilet paper because that's what I used to clean the toilet...it was easy to flush away)

Another Final Word...April 5, 2012
I've been using the Norwex products & love them but I can't get myself to buy them again after seeing the great price for the E-cloth on Cleaninup's link (I saw her in my comment section). Can you believe 2 general purpose cloths for $7.99!!!!!! I bought 4 E-cloths for the price of one Norwex cloth. Who cares if the Norwex cloth leaves less moisture behind since you can use the glass cloth for a final shine. As a cash poor consumer, I would rather save money on the E-cloth. But if my girlfriend gave me a large discount on the Norwex products, I'd go for the Norwex.

*update 3yrs later, Nov 12, 2013*
I am still using all my Norwex & e-cloth products daily. My original Norwex cloth is getting rather grungy but its lasted 3 yrs. Mind you, I haven't used it much this last year...I use the e-cloth towels more often. E-cloth now makes a paste so I will order some next year...I still have a little bit of Norwex paste left. I was using it sparingly because it was so expensive but now I can buy the e-cloth version. Yay!!

So my review still stands...both products are awesome but I'm buying e-cloths for the better value. I use the following e-cloth products regularly: general purpose, glass, dusting, yellow bathroom e-cloth (I use as a facecloth & love it), drinkware dying cloth (great on glass bowls & cyrstals), kitchen cloth with the edge scrubber, & the cleansafe electronics pack.


masu said...

that was very entertaining.. You should be Norwex's spoke person...or go on the Anna & Kristina's show..

cleaninup said...

Thank you for your review! As a Norwex Consultant, I get the "is Norwex any better than store-bought brands" a lot but people are hesitant to believe me when I say yes because I AM a Norwex Consultant. Hope you don't mind, but I've posted a link on my facebook page to your post.

Teresa said...

Hi cleaninup, I don't mind you posting a link at all. I'm amazed a stranger is even reading my blog.

I went to your wonderful blog. Man, you are soooo funny & make Norwex sound so entertaining.

I loved how you presented your blog & put little links in there. The whole presentation is amazing & makes reading it so easy.

I wonder if my future grandkids would read my blog if I presented it like you do. Nah, too much work...

theCmom said...

If you go to the E-Cloth facebook page and become a fan, you can get the Antibac E-Cloth with silver in them for way cheaper than the Norwex Antibac. https://www.facebook.com/pages/E-Cloth-Best-Natural-Cleaning-Product/147002948671778

Also the only place I have seen the Antibac E-cloth with the silver embedded is on this site. www.myEcloth.com

I really like both e-cloth and norwex. They both are high quality and do a great job! Norwex prices aren't worth it in my opinion - especially when you can get ecloths even cheaper with the facebook fan page.

Kerry Crawford said...

I used to be a Norwex consultant and then moved to e-cloth, because the research on the microfiber shows that, like Norwex, it picks up more than 99% of bacteria with plain water. The e-cloth cleaning cloths come with or without silver, and are significantly less money than Norwex cloths. When I tried them, I loved them enough to start selling them, and was really curious to know what Norwex users would say after comparing them. 100% of the feedback I have received on e-cloth has said that people like them exactly as well, or in some cases better, than Norwex. What makes people move to e-cloth is the HUGE price difference. Now that Norwex has raised its prices for 2012, this is doubly true. I have made a comparison of Norwex to e-cloth® at http://buyecloth.com/e-cloth-vs-norwex/. I also talk a little about the silver in the cloths and why it's actually not necessary and just costs you more.

cleaninup said...

Hi Teresa, I'm back. Firstly I wanted to let you know that I've noticed on my blog stats that a lot of people visit my blog directly from yours. So perhaps you're getting more "stranger" traffic than you think you are ;o)

Secondly, I wanted to let you know that after a lot of serious consideration and weeks of in-home testing, I've made the switch from Norwex to e-cloth. Even though I loved the Norwex products, I just didn't feel comfortable selling them at such high prices.

As you know, I really enjoyed your e-cloth VS Norwex post and I've started doing some similar ones - although I'll never be brave enough to add a video of myself. Kudos to you!

Kaylee said...

This is was a great post. I am currently using Norwex and love it!

Unknown said...

This post (and all the comments) have been hugely helpfull in the whole "Which cloth should I buy?" argument that has been going on in my head. I started with Enjo (10 yrs ago when there was no others) and have just recently moved onto Norwex. Im going to be doing some serious investingations into e cloths. I have found it difficult to buy them in Australia. Any suggestions?

Teresa said...

If anyone is considering buying ecloths, I buy mine from cleaninupj(she left a comment above). She has great service & great sales & she's funny. Rest assured that I do not make any money from her.

You can email her about shipping to Australia since she mentions that it is slightly higher than to Canada. Take a look at this link


Rev. Katie Norris said...

I have been researching Norwax and ecloth for a bit and have found all over the place that "cleaninup" "theCmom" and "Kerry Crawford" are all the same person and the ecloth sales site belongs to her. So, unless I am mistaken, there is a lot of information about ecloths that is misleading being promoted by the same person under different names.

I have not even bought either of these products and am just trying to find honest reviews to get what is best for my family.

Teresa said...

Hi Rev Katie,
Its possible that cleaninup uses different identities to advertise & sell her stuff. But I don't think that's a horrible thing to do. Very clever in fact.
I do know she went from selling Norwex to Ecloth basically because of the price. Both are great products.
I still use both but now I only buy the cheaper Ecloth. If my girlfriend, who is a Norwex consultant, offered me a huge discount, I'd buy Norwex again. Its all about the money for me.

healthy cleaning said...

Hi Teresa,

Just a follow-up to your commenter who thinks that cmom, cleaninup and Kerry Crawford are the same person: we're not! Here's the info:

cleaninup: Kate MacNaughton http://www.eclothusa.com

cmom: RuthAnne Fuson http://www.mycloth.com

Kerry Crawford: this is me! http://www.buyecloth.com

I think that both I and Kate have been clear in our prior posts that we sell e-cloth, and neither of us was self-promoting - just trying to get the word out about a fantastic product!

Aimee Kelly said...

I used my mom's Norwex dusting mit and really liked it. Have you used the dusting e-cloths? I am wondering if they are comparable or if I should just bite the bullet and buy the Norwex dusting mit. Your thoughts?

Teresa said...

Hi Aimee, good question. I do use both the Norwex mitt & ecloth dusting cloth. I think the Norwex picks up more dust since I seem to wash the ecloth duster more often. I can take the mitt outside & bang it against a pillar to remove the dust. Maybe its because of the pale yellow colour that makes the ecloth look dirtier so I feel I have to wash it. They both do a great job of picking up dust.

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Hi Teresa,

I know this post is old but I'm playing around on Google tonight, LOL...and wanted to let you know that e-cloth now has a cleaning paste as well! It's completely non-toxic and the value is better than the Norwex version. I remember reading this post of yours when I was researching the two companies. I bought both and compared...and now I am one of the few online retailers for e-cloth. So you can guess which way I went. ;) Hope you are still enjoying all your cloths and chemical-free cleaning!

Luba said...

Norwex is very expensive, I think. Considering the fact that they are made in China, there must be a huge mark up. I use a wonderful multi purpose cleaner (biodegradable) that will wash your dishes as well as your car, your bathroom as well as your kitchen.

Please let me know if you would like more information. clarinetgal at randomlysa dot com


Jennifer said...

Try putting your norwex cloth in boiling water for ten minutes! I found the same thing after 4yrs of use. I didnt know you were not suspost to use fabric softern and the harsh chemicals in some laundry soaps. Anyways I did the boil thing my water came out brownish green no word of a lie. My pink envrocloth works wonders and I no long wash my cloths with any soaps other than norwexs or just water.

Let me know if it works for you!