Saturday, November 06, 2010

My Personal Norwex Product Review

Got my Norwex cloths today!!! I ordered the following: Sportzyme $16, dish cloths $6, micropads $6, kitchen cloth set $19, Clean Pack kit (2 enviro cloth $16, window cloth $19, dusting mitt $15) $58, Shine Kit (enviro cloth, window cloth, kitchen scrub cloth $14, paste $28, spirisponge $5) $77. There's a $5 S&H charge, HST for a total of $244. It's not all for me...Xmas gifts for my sisters, daughter & daughter-in-law.

I've been cleaning & testing the products for the past 4 hrs. It really does work. Here are my notes...

Kitchen: I used enviro cloth, kitchen scrub cloth, paste, spirisponge, window cloth, micropads, spray bottle filled with water

- oven top which is glass & white...I hate cleaning it & wish I had bought the black top instead. I've had the oven for about 5 years & its never clean. I tried cleaning it with all the Norwex cloths. The best results were from the spirisponge & paste combo. I also had to use my glass scraper. The oven doesn't look brand new since there are some permanent stains on the element but I am impressed.

I used the glass scraper to scrape those little black specs. I've noticed that the pieces scrape off much easier than normal. I also sprayed water on the paste as it dried.
Look how clean it got in a quarter of the time.

The cleaning paste & spirisponge were excellent.

- greasy range fan came clean with just the enviro cloth. The vents did catch & snag the cloth though. But no problem.

- cupboard doors wiped clean with the enviro cloth

- window above the sink was splattered & dirty. Used the enviro cloth & window cloth in just seconds. Had to go outside & clean the window outside also. I told Martin to come look at the window. He was sitting at the kitchen table & said it looked like the window was gone. He was impressed.

I cleaned the left window only because the other side has a window screen. I'll do a more thorough job another day.

-stainless steel garbage can - used the enviro cloth only, could have used the window cloth but I don't care if it shines.

- toaster oven - used scrub cloth, paste, spirisponge, enviro cloth & window cloth. Looks great! I should not have used the spirisponge. There was some hard stuff stuck on the side of the toaster so I used the spirisponge & left scratch marks. The instruction in the book had said not to use on stainless steel but I forgot. But it doesn't matter the toaster is super old & noone can see that side of it anyways.

I could scrub it a bit more but some of the finish is wearing off. I love this convection toaster oven by Cuisinart.

One note: be aware that the enviro cloth will pick up stuff like toast crumb (from under the toaster oven) & it will stick to the cloth like glue. I had to pick out the hard crumbs. I probably could have soaked the cloth & the crumbs would have washed out easily but I was in clean mode & couldn't waste time soaking the cloth. I had to keep cleaning ;-)

Family room & Livingroom: used enviro cloth, window cloth, dust mitt

Did basic dusting of the room & the Levolar blinds. Every once in awhile I took it outside & banged again the pillar or on my hand. You could see the particles of dust. Tons of dust.

Mirror in livingroom that I use when I'm exercising. It was filthy.

I cleaned half of it so you can see the difference

Laundry room: micropad, enviro cloth

Used the micropad to get rid of any residue of bounce left on the dryer drum.

Years ago I found out how Bounce leaves a residue on the lint collector & basically clogged the mesh. When you do do the water test...running water over the mesh...the water collects on top of the mesh. Bounce left an invisible film. So your clothes don't dry as quickly & some other stuff that I can't remember. I started using dryer balls & they work good enough. I noticed that my clothes dried much quicker after I cleaned the lint collector.

Anyways, I tested my dryer's dust collector again & the water doesn't run through like it should so there was still some Bounce residue left. The Norwex instructions warns you not to use bounce with the cloth & to use the Micropad to clean off the residue. Done.

I don't know if the Micropads are the same as the Mr Clean's pads. They look & feel the same. I didn't find the Norwex mircropads work any better than the Mr Clean pads. I wouldn't buy this product again. I think the envirocloth will do just as good a job. But I'm glad that I bought it to clean my dryer.

Bathroom: envirocloth, paste, window cloth, spririsponge, spray bottle

Using envirocloth, window cloth & WATER!!!

took 30 seconds!!

Okay, so that's enough cleaning for today. Tomorrow I tackle the floors & maybe the walls. Although, today I was spot cleaning the walls as I walked by the dirty spots.

I must also note that while googling Norwex cloth, I came across a product called E-cloth which is similar to the Norwex cloth but is cheaper. Almost half the price. I've read lots of good reviews for both & one lady who uses both products believes the Norwex cloth lasts longer & therefore is of better quality. I feel safer using the Norwex for its antibacterial quality. But I'm thinking I'd buy the E-cloth window cloth even though it might not be antibacterial because it is half the price. *note added 2 weeks later* the Hero brand glass polishing cloth at Canadian Tire is even cheaper than the E-cloth glass cloth. $3 for 2 smaller cloths


Andrea said...

Wow very impressive! Did you review these online on that site where you post reviews?

Teresa said...

No, I'm not doing reviews on anymore. They pissed me off after I did my review on my Canondale Adventure bike. I like doing down to earth opinions from a regular mom. But other writers were criticizing that I had my Canondale 4 review under Canondale 3 & I should call the administrator to create a review for the 4. Who the hell cares!! People look for Canondale Adveture bike & can read reviews for all the levels.

I'm still pissed about that one. I wish I had copied that review over to this blog before deleting it.

Kerry Crawford said...

Great post on Norwex. Aren't the products awesome? I used to be a Norwex consultant and still buy some of the enzyme products from a good friend who still sells it, but I did switch to E-cloth because of the price. There's a comparison of Norwex vs. E-cloth here: It talks about the silver property.

The Harings said...

Keep in mind Norwex Hostesses can get their window cloths for free along with a ton of other free products. And Free is cheaper than E-cloth. Also E-cloth is not fair trade and does not have the antibac in their normal cloths. Even the Norwex window cloth is antibac. E-cloth also doesn't have the 2 year warranty from what I can tell. Let me know if you want some Free Norwex by contacting me at Because free is better than paying anything. Also I knew about E-coth before signing up as a Norwex consultant and I did my research. I am sure e-cloth is fine but really you get what you pay for when you buy an e-cloth. I became a Norwex consultant because then I could get the quality and product and company I could stand behind and the 35% off. So in the end it ends up being cheaper and better quality than e-cloth. And to this day I still have never had to buy a Norwex window cloth. just sayin....

brenda said...

Hi Teresa, I am an inactive Norwex consultant. Have you or anyone else on here noticed the the Spirisponge is not the same as it used to be. I find the sponge in the middle a lot thinner and find I have to change it more often. I have just noticed this over the past six months.